July 2, 2015

Welcome to the Second Half of 2015


How do you feel about the year already being half gone? It feels like yesterday that Cakes and I were on the way to church on December 31st, then decided to make a brief stop at home first, and I woke up around 3am while he slept through all the knockouts and fireworks - we completely missed crossing over into 2015. Anyways, after the first quarter of the year passed, I promised I would do an update post of both my Blogging and Personal Goals. I procrastinated until kingdom come, so here I am doing the updates now :D

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July 1, 2015

When You Lose A Loved One - Peace

This was not my intended post for today. I was going to write about being in the second half of the year and checking up on any goals you had at the start of 2015. But this morning, I felt something in my heart to write some encouraging words to people who have lost a loved one. I actually feel inadequate to write about it because I haven't lost someone extremely close to me. Also I'm not holier-than-thou and I struggle daily with being a Christian. But if I can share a word, that will help at least one person, then that's alright enough for me.

When my uncle died in November 2013, I was distraught. It's not like we were close or anything - I hadn't seen him in years until the September before his death. Before he got sick, he had been telling my mum that he was going to be at my wedding. The whole family was praying for months and months. I specifically used Bible verses to pray, because I was scared and thought that if I could read God's words back to Him, He didn't have a choice but to answer my prayers. (FACT: My Ogoni name means God Answers Prayers).

Anyway, my uncle died and it shook me to my core. For one thing, it hurt to see my mum, her siblings and my grandparents heartbroken. Secondly, I couldn't understand why God didn't answer our prayers. I mean, didn't He say "Ask and it will be given?" My faith and belief in God was shaken!

I stopped praying. I couldn't open my Bible to read anything. Going to church became a chore, and one that I didn't want to do. I was angry at God - and then feeling guilty at being angry at Him.

Eventually though, I remembered the verse about PEACE THAT PASSES UNDERSTANDING. I was going through a time where I didn't UNDERSTAND why my uncle died, why his family and friends had to be grief-stricken, and most especially why God didn't answer our prayers. I didn't UNDERSTAND. But that verse, Philippians 4:7 says,

7Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. [NLT]

I finally prayed. It wasn't a long prayer, but it was what I needed for that season: "God, I'm angry and I'm hurting and I don't understand why. But your peace is above understanding. So please please please, I beg of you, just give me peace. I'm losing my belief, I'm losing my trust. I don't want to, but I am. So you have to give me peace to make it through. Just give me peace."

I prayed this prayer for a long time, and even still do. Whenever someone I know loses a loved one, I pray for comfort, grace and above all, peace to help them hang on. And if you're in that position, that same prayer goes up for you.

Okay, so that's what I wanted to share.

June 30, 2015

My Notes from the VANE STYLE CLINIC by Veronica Odeka

Two weekends ago, I attended the Vane Style Clinic, run by professional stylist Veronica Odeka. I promised that I would share my notes from the event on how to have a great sense of style. I came across the style clinic online, and it seemed interesting, so I sent an email to find out what the ticket cost was - I was surprised to learn that it was just N2000. I quickly paid and secured my space, as the event was limited to about 20 people or so.

It rained heavily that day, but I was determined to show up and ended up being the first guest there. The event was held at The Social Place (which I've been to sooooooo many times for different events). When I walked in, they were still setting up but the decor was very girly and pretty (the set designed by The Wedding Guruu, who you may remember from my Brides Day Out post).

June 28, 2015

Berry Cheflebrity Weekend

Hey hey hey I'm what's happening!!!

I don't know why whenever I start a post, I burst into song :-|

Anyways, my loverly lovelinas, how was your weekend?! Mine was F to the A to the BULOUS!!!! Seriously! Like, I don't need to do anything for the next 2 or 3 weekends, because it was simply enough. Here's a preview

I've got that itch again!!!!

Around this time last year, I kept feeling bored and irritated with my blog - specifically the blog design (so much so that I actually wrote two posts about it here and here). I was using a generic template from Blogger, that kinda reminded me of wallpaper. In my mind when I chose that template, I was welcoming readers into my little living room for a bit of gisting and chatting. But then right around my birthday, I got this overwhelming feeling to change the look and feel of the blog. I played around with things and here we are now.


June 25, 2015

June 23, 2015

REVIEW: Ajali Lip Balm and Lip Scrub

Did I ever tell you guys that one of my nicknames was KMQ? Who wants to guess what it stands for? I bet nobody can guess so I'll help you out... Kiss Me Quick. LOL! My cousin/friend said my lips were always very attractive and looked like they were always ready for kissing!

Anyways, they're one of my favorite features and so I like to make sure they're very well taken care of. I used to (and still occasionally) use Vaseline for my lips but sometimes I worry about the Petroleum jelly component, as it's not very good for you. Additionally, Vaseline isn't great for when you're using a matte lipstick or lip balm. Sometime last year I searched for all-natural lip balms and most of them were DIY, but I wasn't about to go looking for beeswax. Luckily I found one made right here in Nigeria! Enter Ajali Handmade Naturals.