September 2, 2014

When you ask me if I'm pregnant...

I get this question more times than I like, and when the question or assumption comes out of anyone's mouth or text, these are the things that go through my mind...


September 1, 2014

Weekend shoenailsigans...

Bonjour mes amies!

How are yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? *picture me singing the yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa out* How was your weekend? I hope it was berrylicious! And how was my weekend?!?!?! Well... it was fun. And busy (as in... BUSY *wink wink*)

Anyways, don't mind me, I'm being naughty... but telling the truth - ah, there I go being naughty again. Oops!

Okay let's really dwell on the OTHER activities of the weekend :D *chuckles*

Going into the weekend, my plan was to sit at home and rest the whooooooooole weekend. No wait, I'd gotten invited to watch an MTN Project Fame episode being taped live, so that was on my radar. BUT apart from that, the plan was to sit at home and rest the whoooooooooooooooole weekend. That worked out well for Friday. And well, Saturday didn't quite work out like that.

On Saturday morning, I woke up and decided to declutter my shoes and give my hair some TLC. Here's the thing with the shoes - my dad and Cakes say I have too many. I disagree. I don't have shoes in some colors. I don't have sandals in some colors. I don't have slippers in some colors. I don't have enough black pumps, etc. So obviously, I don't have enough shoes. That aside, I decided to whittle down the shoes at home to the ones I really like, and show Cakes and my dad that I really don't have that many.

I have only 70 pairs of shoes as you can plainly see. 

August 30, 2014

Born to Sell!

Hola amigos!

With the recent acquisition of my Iro and Buba, being the frugal buyer that I am, I largely complained about the price of the fabric. 4 yards of chiffon for N4000+ seemed like too high a price, although from the comments some of you posted, I should even have been happy for that price! But anyways, it got me thinking... I could never be a seller of anything! I can work in Marketing, in fact I have worked in Marketing, but SALES? Heck no. It's just not for me. Let me tell you why.

If I'm making a large amount of profit, I feel like I'm stealing money from my clients.

berry dakara

Yes yes, I know, it's a dumb way to think. Because if the customer is willing to pay a high price for what I'm selling, then obviously I would be selling (pun intended) myself short by charging a low price. Here's an example: if I buy shoes from the States for $20 and bring them back to Nigeria to sell, I would feel sick if I sold them for anything more than N6000, which is roughly $36. It's the dumbest thing because I should obviously insert the cost of my travels and/or shipping, but I would feel like I'm ripping you off. Isn't that silly?!?!?!?! This the main reason why I don't buy a lot of things here either, because I know what the real prices would be. Maybe I should think about what the cost of flying out would be, and then use that to buy what I need to.

Shey I'm crazy? Anyways, I have a pair of American Size 9 Nine West shoes to sell. Never worn cos they were too small. I'll take N10k for them. Oh and I have some bridal shower/hen night bunny ears too! N20k for all of them (18 or so)

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August 28, 2014

Sooooooooo, I have a new boyfriend!

My dear dear friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to announce the conscious uncoupling of myself and former flame, Flavor. We had a long run together and we will always remain friends and amicable towards each other. Unfortunately for Flavour, another Igbo brother has captured my heart for the moment. Just like with Flavour, this isn't a physical attraction - just an audio one, as in I'm attracted to his voice. Unlike Flavour though, this new flame scares me. I'm a little afraid because he seems quite dark inwardly. The way he looks, his videos, and even some of his music is questionable to me, but I just can't seem to stop listening to his album over and over and over again! This seems like a dangerous love to me. In fact, my favorite song on his album has to do with smoking weed (I'm assuming kush is weed, but I really don't know). And I'm only vaguely sure it's weed he's rapping about, because I don't understand Igbo.

*speaking of which, I need to learn how to speak or understand Igbo because of all these crushes*

Anyways, for now, there hasn't been any encounter with my new heart-throb, but once it happens, I will definitely let you know. And with that, here's my new boyfriend...

August 26, 2014

#WCW - Woman Crush Wednesdays

Hey everyone,

No, I will not be starting a WCW series, but today's my mum's birthday and I thought, "Why the neck not?" My mum is my eternal crush! She's the first woman I ever met, and I've loved her from the beginning of my time.

My mum has been there for me at every turn -  in my good, bad, happy and sad times. Remember my post about Robin Williams, where I briefly mentioned a bout with depression? I know my family in general were praying, but my mum really stood in the gap for me. She got her friends, our Bible group, our pastors and others to pray along with her for me. She has consistently prayed for me and my siblings, even going so far as fasting on different days for each of us!

My mum has worked so hard to achieve a lot in her life, and at a point, put her career on hold for the sake of her children. That was one of the most selfless things she could have done, and I thank her for it. Even now, she's on her way to getting her own life back on track, and I pray that God rewards her with a very quick reward.

My very first Iro and Buba!

Yo yo!

I wasn't going to put up this post now, but I have too many pictures from me and Cakes' Dubai trip and then my subsequent jaunt over to my other homeland. I was going to post those first, and then post this one after, but the pictures are too nice jo, so I'm sharing now.

If you guys have noticed, I don't really wear that much traditional attire, and when I do, I prefer them as separates or in "Western" styles (like here) - pencil skirt with a t-shirt, or trad top with jeans, etc. It's not that I don't like them. It's that going to look for materials, then getting a tailor to sew, and the waiting period where you think your tailor has kidnapped your outfit, etc just stresses me out. Anyways, the point of my rambling is that I finally got my very own, first, grown-up Iro and Buba!

My girl, Stylefash would wear them day in and out if you allow her, and I just couldn't understand why. However, after this past Sunday, I must admit that I'm a convert. I'd like to buy bunches and bunches of material and make like 50!!! Please recommend places or businesses where I can buy good quality, but responsibly priced materials :) This one was gotten from O and G, a new business owned by a family friend. I'll get her contact details and share here. I chose this print because of the peacock details and I thought the color would look fabulous against my dark skin. Do you agree?

Without further ado...

My youngest sister Tambar and my photog for the day

"Daddy just wait, only 10 more pictures pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease"

August 25, 2014

Live in the NOW

Cakes sent me this entry from Joyce Meyer's devotional on Youversion and I edited it to share.

It's easy to complain that you can't be happy now because you don't have enough money or you're single or you're too fat or you're still looking for a job or you failed a class or two... the excuses are many. But you know what? Yes, you have problems, just don't let them dictate how you live today.

CHOOSE joy, CHOOSE peace, CHOOSE to trust God today and make it a daily practice. Consistency is key. If you can, find 3 things to thank Him for, everyday e.g. life, water, somewhere to live, family, plantain!!!

Whatever it is, LIVE TODAY!