August 28, 2015

Update on my break

You guys are just wonderful! Every single one of you that reads my blog. Especially those who left comments, and sent me messages. You are truly a blessing and I pray God blesses you in moooore ways than you can imagine!!! I was really feeling guilty about being tired and wanting to take a break, but I have to thank you for telling me it was okay to take a time-out. I even slowed down on Instagram and logged off for almost the whole day, and guess what? I didn't die! LOL. Like someone suggested, I might do a proper social media fast one of these days.

Anyways, someone very lovely sent me an email that literally made me cry at work. I was already crying over something else (I may share about what happened in a vlog soon), and then I got the email. It was so powerful that I had to print it and paste on my desk, and I look at it several times throughout the day. I also posted it on Instagram and Facebook. And I should post it here because if even one more person is blessed by the wisdom in that email, then it's more than enough.

Thanks a lot Feyi!!!
I'm feeling fresher and shall be back next week. I wish I wasn't doing anything this weekend, but I am, and I'll gladly share photos on Monday!

August 25, 2015

Berry Where's Your Weekend Post

Hi guys,

I know, I know. My late weekend posts seem to be becoming a bad habit. They're usually supposed to be up by 9am (Nigerian time) at the very latest on Mondays. The past 2 weeks, I've posted on Monday evening because I was just too tired on the Sundays before...

which brings me to this point...

Going out and planning activities almost every weekend can get quite tiring. It's not just having to get dressed, go out and have fun. These days, there's very stupid traffic to contend with back to our apartment. No joke, on Saturdays, there's as much traffic as rush hour on weekdays!!! By the time I've gone out, had fun, taken a million photos and driven back in traffic, the exhaustion is on several levels! And I still have to select photos, edit them, watermark them and wait for the slowest internet in the world to upload for my posts. The times I've been able to get my post ready early, I literally select the photos and leave them to upload overnight.

Why am I telling you this?

August 22, 2015

10 Things You Should Know About Faux Locs

NOTE: This was previously blogged on African Naturalistas, but I'm providing an updated post.

It seems like everywhere you turn to now, there are people rocking faux locs, whether they use wool, yarn, or kinky braiding hair. There are different arrays of colors from regular black to blonde, and I even saw blue on Instagram early this week. I think that Faux Locs are having a moment! But before you rush off to get yours done, there are a few things you should know.

  1. They're time-consuming to install. Unless your stylist has a way of cutting the time short, like Dabs of Savvy Chic Hair and Beauty Hub, get ready for at least 6 hours of work done on your head.
  2. They take some getting used to. When you first install them, they are pretty hard/stiff and uncomfortable. It takes a few days or even up to 2 weeks for them to loosen up. It took about a week for me to sleep comfortably after I had mine installed. The first few days, I almost had to sleep on my face because of the discomfort of lying on my back.
  3. They can be heavy, which could have damaging effects on your hair. Mine are quite heavy - I was told to do a fewer number of strands but I was stubborn and insisted on 80-85 strands. Because they're heavy, it puts a strain on my neck when I try to pack it up in a bun or updo. My advice would be to go for thinner, shorter strands. 
  4. The locs can loosen and unravel with time, so make sure you keep an eye on the tips and wherever the wrapped hair meets the end of your own hair (I'm not sure I'm explaining it well). 
  5. You still have to take care of your scalp by cleaning and oiling, and spraying your hair to get some moisture into your own natural hair. This also applies if you attempt to cleanse your scalp with cotton wool or wipes - unbeknownst to me, little frizz balls of cotton wound up all over my head!
  6. If you burn the tips of your locs, wear clothes that will not get caught in the burned ends. I almost ruined a new dress because the fabric was really light and I wore it a few days after getting the locs in. 
  7. Pay attention to your edges. I've seen more than a few people complain that they got traction alopecia after having faux locs. I think my edges have had issues for years, so I can't say that the faux locs did anything to them. Be sure that your baby hairs are left alone! You can always brush or gel them down. 
  8. They can be expensive to install!!! Let's not even bring in the charge for the service - just looking at the amount of hair you need... I used about 7 packs of hair for mine. 
  9. They are VERY low maintenance. It was nice having to not worry about how to style the hair because it was already done. All you need to make sure of is your regular spraying with a moisturizing mix. 
  10. It's such a fabulous style! I really enjoyed the way it looked, and pretended to be an exotic, regal African Queen :) 

August 21, 2015

Berry Lovely Links


FOINALLY!!!!!!!! The weekend is HERE!!!!!! Thank God it's Friday. Am I resting this weekend? I dunno. If you have time this weekend, I have AWESOME links, if I do say so myself.

August 20, 2015

Get 10% OFF Nazuri Curls

Hey hey everyone!

You guys remember my Afro Nazuri Curls clip ins, right? See some photos from right here on the blog and Instagram below.

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